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Rie Natalenko

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  About Rie

Rie is a screenwriter. She has won awards for her screenwriting, and is now writing full time.

Rie also teaches screenwriting, runs workshops in making short films, writing, screenwriting, and digital storytelling, and has worked as a script assessor for a number of producers. She also writes scripts and monologues which are geared to client requirements.

Rie can be contacted about any of these here.

She makes short films and has worked on other people's films in many capacities.

She has written short stories, poetry and plays, but her main love is the screen.

Born in the UK in 1953, she came to Australia when she was 16. She worked as a librarian, researcher, administrator and lecturer, and was a High School English teacher while she raised her three children.

As the children reached the age where, when they asked, "What's for tea?" she could answer, "Whatever you like, make it yourself!" she devoted more and more of her time to learning the craft of screenwriting.

In 2006, Rie was awarded a Doctor of Creative Arts in screenwriting from Wollongong University (Commonwealth University of the Year).

Rie is managed by Adam Bayliss at Playback Entertainment. He can be contacted here. (please remove the .nospam before sending email.)

>> Download Rie's CV in PDF.