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Alternat(e/l)ives (alternatives or alternate lives) is a low-budget multi-strand drama.


For a young woman who refuses to make choices, Lucy is about to make a decision that will affect the rest of her life. As three possible futures unfold simultaneously Lucy learns to trust herself and choose her own destiny.


Who are we really? Can we choose who we are and who we will become?

LUCY's hairdressing business is in trouble - the building has been sold and she must move. Money is tight, her boyfriend has left her and she has no family in the small town where she lives.

Then she gets a letter from ALEX, who she has never met. Her father is dying and wants to see her. Lucy has not seen her father since her mother left him when Lucy was eight. ALEX, a son of her father's second wife, will be passing through the town to pick her up.

In the hairdressers, Lucy flips through a magazine, and reads a popquiz:
If a handsome stranger asks you to go somewhere with him would you:
a) Go for it. Take a chance. Life is for living!
b) Say yes, but only on your own terms. You control your own life. OR
c) You wouldn't feel safe with a total stranger.

So how will Lucy choose to act towards Alex and her father?

From that point on, three possible futures interweave as they unfold simultaneously. In each one, different facets of Lucy's character are evoked by the different personalities that Alex displays.