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  Back to Babylon

Honorable Mention, 2006 One-In-Ten screenwriting competition.


When they discover the skeleton of an angel, an archeologist and her mysterious assistant rush to war-torn Iraq and battle to retrieve ancient artifacts to save the earth from annihilation.

"Indiana Jane" meets "Chariots of the Gods" in war-torn Iraq.

2 paragraph synopsis:

In a headlong action adventure set in Iraq, a brilliant, young archaeologist - Elaine - joins forces with the mysterious, charismatic Tarik in the search for an ancient Babylonian casket and an ancient artifact. Together they battle the arcane forces that threaten to destroy the world, and they fall in love.

Little does she realize, as they finally assemble the artifact which will save the earth, that success will separate them, possibly forever. For the forces they fight are ancient visitors from the stars - the biblical fallen angels - and Tarik was once their leader, Lucifer.