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  Course of True Love

A modern twist on Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.


Mayhem erupts on a college campus when a love-at-first-sight hormone is accidentally unleashed by a co-ed. (Midsummer Night's Dream goes to College)

- there is also a pg version - a teen comedy, set in a high school.


What if your best friend discovered a hormone that makes people fall in love at first sight? And what if it accidentally caused romantic mayhem throughout the college? That's what faces Oliver, an aspiring young filmmaker, and Robin, a cute science co-ed.

Oliver needs to win a short film competition to prove to his father that he has what it takes to go to film school. But the shoot seems doomed from the start. Tanya, Oliver's jealous ex-girlfriend, is determined to sabotage it, and the cast and crew are all in love with the wrong people.

Oliver and Robin must find an antidote, set everything to rights and shoot the film - all before the end of week deadline. These friends belong together... but the course of true love, along with everything else, never did run smooth ...