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  Dancing with the Daffodils

Inspired by a true story, Dancing with the Daffodils is a gay love story - between a teacher and his student.

Dancing with the Daffodils was a finalist in 2007 the One-in-Ten screenwriting competition.


When James, an exchange teacher, travels overseas to escape his past, he finds Luke, a high school senior, who shows immediate interest. James fights agaist the attraction, but who can resist a beautiful, determined, intelligent young man? James' personal and professional life is turned upside down. But unlike so many gay stories, this one does not end in tragedy - as Luke knew all along, these two were destined to be together.


Dancing With The Daffodils is a love story.

James, an English teacher, takes an exchange position in Australia to recover from the death of his lover. He stages Romeo and Juliet at his school, and becomes close friends with Anna, the head teacher. Luke (who plays Romeo) falls in love with James, and although the feeling is mutual, because of his position James cannot allow the relationship to develop.

This decision is very difficult for both of them. James takes solace in his friendship with Anna, while Luke gets drunk and is involved in a car accident. And everything becomes worse when James is anonymously accused of sexual misconduct.

In such cases in Australia, teachers are informed of the allegation, but are not told any of the details - so James does not know who accused him, or what he is supposed to have done. This begins to undermine his self-confidence, his friendships and his career.

Luke's parents find out about his sexuality and throw him out. He turns to James, who is depressed himself, and wants to comfort Luke. They share a kiss - which is witnessed by Anna.

On the night of the play all comes to a head. It is revealed that the charges against James were made by Anna's jealous daughter, and she is forced to retract them. But the damage has been done to James' life and career, and he makes plans to leave - to tour Australia alone and then return home to England.

Luke finds out, and on the night before James is due to leave he turns up at James' house to confront him. He stays the night, and they make love.

But this is not a tragedy. So, while James tours Australia, Luke completes his final exams, and, unlike Romeo and Juliet, Luke and James both leave for England and a new life together.