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In a world where dragons and humans are deadly enemies, a 13-year-old boy frees a young dragon from cruel captivity. The only person who can communicate with dragons, he must defy the authorities to return the dragon to the Dragonlands before the two races destroy each other.

Short synopsis:

What can a 13-year-old boy who can't speak to animals do to save the world?

Tarion's family are all animal-speakers - but he has yet to find his gift.

Until ... Dragons attack, kill his mother and carry off the young Princess. And Tarion finds himself with the worst task in the world.

He must secretly guide Draxor, a stubborn and obnoxious young dragon, back to the Dragonlands, to ransom the Princess.

Tarion discovers he is the most rare of all animal-speakers, a DRAGONSPEAKER. He can talk to DRAGONS!

The armies of Dragons and Men are already engaged in fierce combat. Can a 13-year old boy and a young Dragon find a way to stop the battle, save the Princess and set all to rights?

Is being a Dragonspeaker enough to save a world?