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Peter, a 15 year old dirt bike rider, falls for his older brother's best friend David. But does this mean he is gay? And how will his family and friends react?


Fifteen year old Peter is a normal, intelligent Australian boy. He rides his dirt bike, and enjoys photography and film-making. He goes along with his homophobic friends, hiding his sensitivity and his reluctance to have sex with a girl he does not love. The discomfort he feels playing the role of tough guy turns to panic when Peter finds himself drawn to David, a gay friend of his older brother. He likes David as a friend, but he could never like him as anything more ... could he?

David asks Peter to take some pictures of his prized car, and Peter agrees. His bike riding friends make homophobic comments about David, and Peter gets into a fight and is hurt. Back home, David comforts him and Peter admits to himself that he is attracted to David. Peter questions his sexuality but discovers that in spite of his friends and family, he really has nowhere to turn.

Eventually, he brings his problems and questions to David, and it is through this confrontation that Peter finds the courage to be true to himself.