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  Play On

Winner of the Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Screenwriting award.


Justin, a gay music teacher, moves in with the straight football coach, Ed. They both try to hide their growing attraction for one another in a series of hilarious misunderstandings - until everything is revealed at the final game of the season.


Justin, a gay music teacher, escapes his abusive lover by moving in with his straight friend, Ed, another teacher who coaches the school football team.

His happy mess and his loving and generous ways disrupt the peaceful loneliness of Ed's life. Justin helps Ed with his family life, tries to fix his love life, and eventually gives up his new home when he realizes that Ed is suffering professionally because Justin lives there.

But by this time, Ed has realised that what he really needs in his life is Justin, and at the party after the grand finals, he tells Justin - and everyone else.