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  Stanislavski's Child


The true story of Lilya, a Russian actress who was forced to work for the Germans during World War 2. When the war ended, she and her new husband had to flee from everyone: the Germans who hated Russians; the Russians, who would have executed them for treason; and the Americans who wanted to send them home.

It is based on the book "Lilya's Journey" by Ksana and Bohdan Natalenko.


Lilya wants two things in life - to act and to have a family. When the war in Russia destroys her acting career and her baby dies of malnutrition, her faith is destroyed - and then she is captured by the Germans and forced to work for them for the rest of the war.

When the war ends, she must use all her acting skills to avoid the Germans, flee from the Russians, who execute "traitors", and avoid the Americans, who can't understand why she and her new husband can't go home. She escapes from holding camps, battles life-threatening illness and the birth and subsequent sickness of her baby, and finally, through her performance skills, wins a passage on a refugee ship that would carry them to their new home in Australia.