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  Wherever You Are

Selected for Screenplay Melbourne professional reading at ACMI.


Where do you go when you're 15 and you've killed your mother's boyfriend?

Jamie - confused, angry and on the run from the police, meets Dragon - a smart, quirky, streetwise rent boy. Outcasts on the fringes of a society that doesn't care, they find laughter, anguish and true friendship. When Jamie's father rejects him, all they have is each other - and with Jamie's attitude, even that is in jeopardy.


Wherever You Are (aka Jamie's Journey), a coming-of-age road movie, is the story of Jamie's search for a family, love and security.

It was selected for Screenplay Melbourne professional reading at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and received excellent coverage.

Jamie, a scruffy 15 year old in Queensland, Australia, sleeps under the caravan where his mother (Susan) and her latest boyfriend are staying in her friend, Shirley's, farmyard.

One morning, in anger, he hurls a rock through the window. When he returns, the boyfriend is dead - hit in the head by a rock - and Susan is gone. Jamie steals Shirley's truck and runs from the police, down the coast towards Wollongong (1000 miles away) where his real father, Peter, lives.

On the way, he finds both trouble and friends. He meets Dragon, a 15 year old street kid and rent-boy. They travel together, hitchhiking after they abandon the broken truck.

In Sydney, Jamie is at the lowest ebb of his life when, hungry and cold, he decides to earn money the way Dragon does. Afterwards, Dragon convinces him to continue his journey towards Wollongong.

Jamie finds Peter's address in the phone book, but Peter has a new family and Jamie is unwelcome. Peter turns Jamie in to the police.

They tell him that Susan has confessed to the murder - she's in a psychiatric care unit in Queensland and wants to see him.

Dragon and Jamie return to Queensland, where Jamie visits his mum and things come to a head with Dragon. They fight and Dragon leaves.

Jamie takes Shirley's new truck and follows him. He finds him just as Dragon is about to accept a lift. They are reconciled, and drive off together - ready for whatever life throws at them.