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  Short films

Produced scripts:

~ My Family is Special ~

~ Family Affair ~

~ Picture Perfect ~

~ The Last Secret ~

Unproduced scripts available:

~ Dirty Old Man - a mystery/drama (20 mins)

When seven-year-old Kayla disappears from her Primary school, the Police rush to the apartment of an old man who was seen watching her. But things are not at all the way they seem.

~ The Club - a comedy (15 mins)

Megan, who is not ready to come out to her parents, persuades her gay friend, Tony to pose as her boyfriend at her Mother's birthday dinner. After a dinner full of misunderstandings, all four go their separate ways - but meet again under vastly different circumstances.

~ Harmony - (9 mins)

A gay love story - can friendship ever become love without destroying the friendship? Vincent has to decide whether he wants to risk taking that chance.

Harmony came second in the Rainbow Flag queer screenwriting competition.

It is also available as a 5-minute script entitled "Risk."

~ On the job - (8 minutes)

A farce. Guy, a struggling actor, turns up for what he thinks is a porn shoot. The Reverend Goodbody, however, is expecting a handyman. Misunderstanding and mayhem ensues.

~ Life: A Celebration - (10 minutes)

A drama, based on a true story. It is the story of a love that lasted a lifetime, told by the surviving partner.

It was the winning script of the Rainbow Flag Project of the Sydney Queer filmmakers group. (judged by the FTO)

Dave and Tom make friends at the seaside when they are children in the sixties. When they are teenagers, they fall in love. Their love lasts through Vietnam, where Tom fought while Dave stayed home and protested. In the tough years that followed, both teachers, they must keep their relationship secret, until, in their forties, they finally come out to their friends - who already know. When Tom gets sick, Dave nurses him through his final illness. At the end, Dave sits on the beach where they met and contemplates the future without Tom.