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  Picture Perfect

A young girl falls for a photographer, but will their relationship be the picture of happiness?

Lisa and Bianca are school friends. Bianca is hurt when Lisa falls for Carol, the attractive photographer who moves into the flat downstairs. Lisa becomes totally enamoured when Carol takes some photos of her for the local photographic exhibition. When the photos are not well received, Carol turns to Pam, hurting Lisa's feelings. But all is not lost, and Lisa learns that old friends are the best.

Picture Perfect has been shown in a longer version at the Diving For Girls festival 2002 and the Mardi Gras Film Festival 2002. It has recently been re-edited.

Stills from film

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Cast and crew
LisaXenia Natalenko
CarolBree Baldwin
PamHelen McLean
BiancaLynette Pembridge

Written, directed & produced byRie Natalenko
Music composed & performed by Lance Lenehan
Director of Photography, EditorTaras Natalenko
Production ManagerNancye Elliott
Stills PhotographerLuke Dunham
1st AD & everything elseBen Lipman
Unit, Hair, MakeupLorelle Pembridge
Original conceptXenia Natalenko

People at the exhibition: Van Badham, Lesley Coombs, PP Cranney, Hamish Danks Brown, Luke Dunham, Amanda Field, Callum Field Bare, Jackson Field, Lance Lenehan, Ben Lipman, Annie McNamara, Adam Orris, Heather Peckman, Lorelle Pembridge